2009/10 Blog is Closed

***Visit MrToft.ca for this year’s 2010/2011 class blog.***

The time has come to archive this blog.  You can still visit the 2009/10 class blog but you will no longer be able sign in and write posts.

Former students are more than welcome to visit the new blog. It would be great to hear from you, just leave us a comment!

3 thoughts on “2009/10 Blog is Closed

  1. Hi Lauren and Caitlin,

    I hope your summer is still going well. Still lots of time left (remember, Christmas vacation is two weeks, and we have three to go, right?)

    You will be able to find this blog but I won’t be checking it for comments. At some point in the next three weeks when you type MrToft.ca you’ll see a new blog for 2010/2011. I’ll put a link to the 09/10 blog there.

    All the best in grade 6 guys! I hope you keep in touch.

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