Today Leo (guy who helped us do our drum) showed us how to play our drum.We lerned how to play walk your fat dog .We were druming in the library  and some people in the hallway  started to stair at us while wewere playing the drum  it was really fun

Mr.Williams goes emo

 By: Calysta

On May 4 2010 Mr.Williams are student teacher randomly ran in our class room and demanded our other main teacher Mr.Toft for his pen Mr.Toft  gave him the pen but in return Mr.Toft wanted his tape so Mr.Williams gave him the tape and then skipped out of the room and I’m guessing your probablywondering why he pulled a stunt like that I’m guessing he wanted  to be more popular at ALC    

How to Get Wolves Out of Your House

Materials:  halloween equipment, wolf trap, telephone and phonebook, wood, nails, hammer

1. First ask them politely to get out of the house. 

2.  Then shut off the power so the TV won’t work.

3.  Next try to scare them out of the house.

4.  After set a trap and see if it works.

5.  Then call animal control to take the wolves out.

6.  Finally put a fence around your house so they won’t be able to get near your house again.

He Wouldn’t Move

He’s 3 years old and he wouldn’t move from my favourite spot on the couch! We yelled and we screamed! But he wouldn’t move! So we called are agent Mom. MOM! O Yaaa she is on a secret mission in Texas. So we took some baby food out of the cupboard. Then we waved it in front of his face and it was his favourite kind of baby food –mashed up olive and pork and he didn’t move. Then we thought of a solution, so we picked him up and put him on a chair even though he cried for 3 and a half hours.  Oh well!


Ace Lacewing

1)  Who: Ace Lacewing; Wants: To find Queenie Bee; But: He doesn’t know where she went; So: He looks for clues; Then: He found out Princess Pollen, Queenie’s sister, had kidnapped her; Finally: The Queen was released.

2) Character: Ace Lacewing; Traits: dedicated; focused; snotty; attentive; suspicious

3) See: honey, hooded bugs; Hear: screaming; Feel: hot & sticky, warm honey; Smell: farts, honey, dung (poo); Taste: (nothing)