A trip to parliment

Yesterday we went to Parliaments for a field trip. it meant lots of walking, but it was worth it. The Parliament buildings were dim, but  you could still see easily.it was amazing. There was tons of exquisitelydetailed statues and bits and peice’s. I couln’t belive how it only took a few years to build. I would think it would take a thousand. We had a mock trial. (lauren against Elizabeth; Lauren lost) That was so fun. I was in the jury. (Iwouldn’t of  voted Lauren guilty if i knew they’ sentence her toten years in jail!) ( good thing it was not a real trial!) Parliament was exhausting, but amazing.

Expect miracles to happen

You should expect miracles to happen.


I found 23 4 leaf clovers in my back yard. It only took 25 minutes of searching to find them. Its because my backyard is mutant.

It all started last summer. It was my little brothers birthday. I went outside to run around before the adults came out. Next thing I knew, I had found a 4 leaf clover. then another. Then another. So I went to get my older sister. She found another. and another. and, yet another.  By the end of that summer, finding another 4 leaf clover was a sort of an “another! We already have 65 of these!” experience.

I don’t expect anyone to believe me. its incredible. Impossible. amazing. But true.


lately me and my siblings have been going on to pictochat on our ds’s. Then somthing weird happend.First it happend to my little brother. He was going on in lights on, and somone called James was on with him. James then left rapidly. He had a  green name coulor. His personal message said transformers rock! Later my older sister saw him. a little later my little brother  had time to show me this James before he left. I have found this so exiting! I can’t wait to learn more about James!


I think everyone has a phobia, a fear. I wasn’t sure what my specific one was untill two days ago.

I was thinking about a time my cats came and saved me by eating a couple of flys. It started me thinking about a time that there was a spider in my room and I acidentally trapped it under somthing. And when I saw it I began screaming. After thinking about that I stayed up in bed, hiding under everything I could , and  I probably will today too. So I decided my phobia is bugs.

I shoulnt of written this! now Im going to have nightmares about bugs!

Earth hour

Earth hour is the hour everyone in the world turns their lights off.  People would save a lot of electricity if everyone turned their lights off for just ten minutes every day. by the end of every week, every week everyone would save an hour and ten minutes of electricity. I’m going to start doing  that every day.

I think that would be really good for the environment.

crazy cat

A little while ago Wick did something very scary. He got a little white knitted square, and then he hissed and growled with more growling than hissing, and he did that for five minutes straight. A couple days ago he did that again, only with a little toy bird, and he hissed and growled for an hour without rest. Those hiss’s and growls really scared me and  on the first day I made Dad put Rumble upstairs to keep him away from Scary WICK!